Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering (Message)

Mingalarbar! Welcome to our Department of Civil Engineering. Our department is responsible for the basic needs of the nation, such as buildings. It is a training center for civil engineers who can build roads, bridges, and irrigation canals. The department offers a three-year diploma program. The average number of students per academic year is about 40. The students are provided by our department have job opportunities in their respective fields and stand as engineers who benefit the country one way or the other. All students interested in the construction industry can enroll in the Civil Major, and our department warmly welcomes the next generation of engineering candidates to pass on their educational heritage.

Job Opportunity

  • Site Engineers
  • Quantity Surveyor
  • Quality Control Engineers
  • Civil Drafters, etc.


Accordion Sample Description
1A.G.T.I Year IMyanmar Ma11011
English E-11011
Mathematics EM-11011
Engineering Science ES-11011
Engineering Mechanics ME-11015
Basic Engineering Drawing CE-11011,12011
Building Materials and Construction CE-11012,12012
Workshop Practices CE-11019,12019
Accordion Sample Description
2A.G.T.I Year IIEnglish E-21011
Mathematics EM-21011
StructureCE- 21013 ,22013
Building Materials and Construction
Elementary Surveying
CE- 21011,22011
Road & Bridge CE- 21017 ,22017
Fluid Mechanics CE- 21016,22016
Civil Engineering Drawing CE-21012,22012
Workshop Practices CE-21019,22019
A.G.T.I Year IIIEnglish E-31011
Fundamentals of Timber, Steel and Concrete Structure CE – 31014,32014
Building Services
Surveying CE – 31021,32021
Irrigation & Railway
CE- 32026 ,31017
Estimating and Specification
CE – 31022,32022
Design of Concrete StructureCE-31024,32024
Civil Engineering Drawing
Workshop Practices CE-31019,32019