Electrical Power Engineering

Electrical Power Engineering (Message)

 Mingalarbar! Welcome to our Department of Electrical Power Engineering. It was opened in 2016 at Government Technical Institute (Labutta). The department offers a three-year diploma program. The average number of students per academic year is about 40. The students will have to learn not only how to install and maintain electrical equipment in homes and places of work but also to control the motor applied with the logic program. After learning the AGTI diploma courses, they can get and maintain the equipment in homes and factories. Therefore, our department welcomes you to be nurtured professional technicians and pass on educational heritage.

Job Opportunity

  • Maintenance Engineers(Motor, Transformer)
  • Electrical Field Engineers(Hydro-power Plant, Cement Factory)
  •   Junior Service Engineers(Domestic Wiring, Home Appliances)


Accordion Sample Description
1A.G.T.I(Year.I)Myanmar MA 11011,12011
English E 11011,12011
Engineering Mathematics EM 11011,12011
Engineering Science ES 11011,12011
Engineering Mechanics ME 11015,12015
Mechanical Engineering DrawingME 11011,12011
Basic Electricity EP 11011 ,12011
Basic Analog Electronics EP 11014 ,12014
Electrical Lab EP
2A.G.T.I(Year-II)English E 21011,22011
Calculus and Vector AnalysisEM 21013,22013
Mechanical Engineering Fundamentals ME 21034,22034
Engineering Circuit Analysis EP21011, 22011
Electrical Machine EP21021, 22021
Generation, Transmission and Distribution EP21013, 22013
Electrical Wiring Design and Illumination EP 21015,22015
Electrical Lab EP
A.G.T.I(Year.III)English E 31011,32011
Electrical Safety & Protection EP31012, 32012
Transmission and Distribution EP 31014,32014
Electrical Estimating EP31015, 32015
Electrical Machine EP31022, 32022
PLC ,IMCEP31011, 32011
Electrical Lab EP