Electronics Engineering

                                 Electronics Engineering (Message)

 Mingalarbar! Welcome to our Department of Electronics Engineering. It was opened in 2016 at Government Technical Institute (Labutta). The department offers a three-year diploma program. The average number of students per academic year is about 40. The department provides the students with fundamental concepts of the subject and the latest trends via smart teaching and learning process. The students will have to learn critical thinking and problem-solving skills as they accommodate their future with confidence. Electronic engineering subject is an area of ​​excellence in various fields of technology that facilitates career opportunities, making it easy to find a job.

Job Opportunity

  • Telecommunication Operator(MPT, Mytel, Ooredoo, etc)
  • Broadcasting Station (MRTV, FM Radio, etc)
  • Microwave Communication (Mobile)
  • Networking Management (Switch, Router)
  • Fiber Installation and Maintaining


Accordion Sample Description
1.A.G.T.I(Year.I)MyanmarM-11011,1201130 hrs
2.EnglishE-11011,1201190 hrs
3Engineering MathematicsEM-11011,1201190 hrs
4Engineering ScienceES-11011,12011120 hrs
5Engineering MechanicsME-11011,1201190 hrs
6Basic Technical DrawingME-11011,12011180 hrs
7Circuit AnalysisEcE-11011,12011120 hrs
8Digital ElectronicsEcE-11022,12022150 hrs
9Electronics LaboratoryEcE-11016,1201690 hrs
10Electrical LaboratoryEcE-110161202690 hrs
Accordion Sample Description
No. Year Subjects Code Hours
2A.G.T.I(Year II) English EcE-21011,22011 90 hrs
Engineering Mathematics EM-21021,22021 90 hrs
Analog ElectronicsEcE-21021,22021 180 hrs
Electronic Communication Systems EcE-21012,22012 180 hrs
Computer & Programming EcE-21014,22014 150 hrs
Electrical MachinesEP-21043,22043 120 hrs
Electronics Laboratory EcE-21016,22016 120 hrs
Electrical LaboratoryEcE-21026,22026 120 hrs
No. Year Subjects Code Hours
3A.G.T.I(Year III) English E-31011,32011 90 hrs
Applied Electronics EcE-31031,32031 180 hrs
Electronic Communication Systems EcE-31012,32012 120 hrs
Industrial Electronics and Control EcE-31051,32051 150 hrs
Data Communication and Networking EcE-31022,32022 90 hrs
Microprocessor Technology EcE-31013,32013 90 hrs
Electronics Laboratory EcE-31016,32016 120 hrs
Communication Laboratory EcE-31036,32036 90 hrs
Control Laboratory EcE-31046,32046 120 hrs