Electronics Engineering

Job Opportunity

  • Telecommunication Operator(MPT, Mytel, Ooredoo, etc)
  • Broadcasting Station (MRTV, FM Radio, etc)
  • Microwave Communication (Mobile)
  • Networking Management (Switch, Router)
  • Fiber Installation and Maintaining


Accordion Sample Description
1.A.G.T.I(Year.I)MyanmarM-11011,1201130 hrs
2.EnglishE-11011,1201190 hrs
3Engineering MathematicsEM-11011,1201190 hrs
4Engineering ScienceES-11011,12011120 hrs
5Engineering MechanicsME-11011,1201190 hrs
6Basic Technical DrawingME-11011,12011180 hrs
7Circuit AnalysisEcE-11011,12011120 hrs
8Digital ElectronicsEcE-11022,12022150 hrs
9Electronics LaboratoryEcE-11016,1201690 hrs
10Electrical LaboratoryEcE-110161202690 hrs
Accordion Sample Description
No. Year Subjects Code Hours
2A.G.T.I(Year II) English EcE-21011,22011 90 hrs
Engineering Mathematics EM-21021,22021 90 hrs
Analog ElectronicsEcE-21021,22021 180 hrs
Electronic Communication Systems EcE-21012,22012 180 hrs
Computer & Programming EcE-21014,22014 150 hrs
Electrical MachinesEP-21043,22043 120 hrs
Electronics Laboratory EcE-21016,22016 120 hrs
Electrical LaboratoryEcE-21026,22026 120 hrs
No. Year Subjects Code Hours
3A.G.T.I(Year III) English E-31011,32011 90 hrs
Applied Electronics EcE-31031,32031 180 hrs
Electronic Communication Systems EcE-31012,32012 120 hrs
Industrial Electronics and Control EcE-31051,32051 150 hrs
Data Communication and Networking EcE-31022,32022 90 hrs
Microprocessor Technology EcE-31013,32013 90 hrs
Electronics Laboratory EcE-31016,32016 120 hrs
Communication Laboratory EcE-31036,32036 90 hrs
Control Laboratory EcE-31046,32046 120 hrs